Gage gives up bleaching and moves to improve content

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Dancehall artiste Gage has quit the bleaching of his skin. The deejay, known for songs like Throat and Kitty Kat, said he is more focused about fine-tuning his craft.

“Mi just get up one day and decide to stop bleaching my skin because gold look better pon black,” Gage said.

Until recently earlier this year, the entertainer was numbered among several players in the dancehall space who relied on skin bleaching to help create a marketable dancehall image.

“It was just an image and it wasn’t even my idea so now I am working with my ideas. I stopped this year, don’t remember exactly when,” Gage responded when asked about his decision to bleach his skin.

Previous management

The artiste also revealed that skin bleaching was a marketing idea employed by his former management team.

“I have more control of my things and I have people that listen to me on my team and regard my ideas as being useful,” he said.

Cornelius, who was a member of Gage’s previous management team, said that it was his idea to bleach his skin.

“I created that image because I wanted him to stand out and look different from other artistes. He is his own big man now, so he can decide to stop when he wants,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gage, who has switched allegiance to Times Square, a management entity led by Jowey Hype, said his decision to stop bleaching has nothing to do with negative backlash.

“It never used to bother me when people bash me because I am a public figure, and people will bash you if you are bleaching … That is expected. Also, I support people doing what they want to do until they find themselves,” Gage said.

“Mi nuh have no problem with bleachers as long as dem comfortable. It is just that it is not something I personally like for myself,” he said.

He said that in addition to undergoing an image revamp, he has changed his lyrical content and is now more contented with his art.

“The streets a feel the songs dem because dem real. When mi voice a song now mi name it based on the feeling mi get and the energy it inspires in others. All my songs dem have one name as the title, Views, Family, Adultery, Underrated … everything have meaning, everything mi doing real now,” he said.

As for records like Throat, Gage said he is uncertain if he would do a record of that nature again. He said that the song was not planned and he hates the fact that the oral sex song overshadowed other good songs in his catalogue.

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