ZIGGY Marley won Grammy.

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ZIGGY Marley’s concept album, Fly Rasta, took home the Best Reggae Grammy at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, yesterday.

The 10-track album, released on April 15, got the nod over SOJA’s Amid the Noise; Sly & Robbie featuring Spicy Chocolate (The Reggae Power); Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry (Back on The Controls); Sean Paul (Full Frequency); and Shaggy (Out of Many, One Music).

The win makes it number three for Bob Marley’s eldest child as a solo artiste. The 46-year-old’s first solo Grammy came in 2007 for Love is My Religion, while his second came last year with In Concert.

He also won three Best Reggae Album Grammys with the Melody Makers, a group that included his brother Stephen and sisters Sharon and Cedella. In 2010, he picked up another for Best Musical Album for Children with Family Time.

Co-produced by Dave Cooley, who is known for his work with independent rock bands, Fly Rasta fuses reggae with rock, soul, funk and punk. For the set, Marley reassembled his sisters, Sharon and Cedella, to provide background vocals.

“The Melody Makers have a sound. They added a whole lot to it. It was nice having them,” Marley said in an interview ahead of the album’s release.

“Is a concept album. I took the arrangement seriously and had to educate myself, as I wanted emotions in the music. It is not linear, it has hills and valleys … a melodic arc,” he continued.

The album’s title track features pioneer toaster U-Roy. Marley lists it as one of his favorites.

“Working with U-Roy is one of the greatest thing in my career. The man is a legend beyond legends. It was a privilege,” he said.

Fly Rasta sold over 16,000 copies. But Marley said he was not concerned about sales.

“Mi nuh watch sales. Good music, a good music. Our music is spiritual and God music. So, if it come, it come,” he said.

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